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The Brit Lit Podcast

Nov 1, 2018

Caroline Hulse is the author of The Adults, a really enjoyable novel about what happens when two exes go on holiday together, with their new partners and the daughter who links them. What could possibly go wrong? She talks to Claire about her love of board games, how being a writer has changed her relationship with books, why she chose to start her novel with the revelation that someone gets shot with an arrow at the end, and more.

Books Mentioned on the Podcast:

The Adults, by Caroline Hulse

For Richer, For Poorer: A Love Affair with Poker, by Victoria Coren

Little Fires Everywhere, by Celeste Ng

Anatomy of a Scandal, by Sarah Vaughan

Standard Deviation, by Katherine Heiney

Degrees of Guilt, by HS Chandler

Unscripted, by Claire Handscombe

It's All a Game: A Short History of Board Games, by Tristan Donovan

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?: And 87 Other Serious Answers to Questions in Songs, by James Ball

Truth, Love & Clean Cutlery: A Guide to the truly good restaurants and food experiences of the United Kingdom, by Giles Coren and Jules Mercer

Let's Get Fizzical: More than 50 Bubbly Cocktail Recipes with Prosecco, Champagne, and Other Sparkling Wines, by Pippa Guy.


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