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The Brit Lit Podcast

Jul 30, 2020

Our guest on episode 63 is Robert Webb, who, as well as being a writer, is an actor, best known for the hit British comedy Peep Show. He’s the author most recently of the novel  Come Again. He describes that novel like this: Middle-aged widow time travels back to 1992 and tries to save future dead husband when he is an annoying student. Grief, nostalgia, jokes, car-chase, new love, renewal, joy. He and I talked about 90s nostalgia, the unusual structure of his book, and the emotional toll of time travel.


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Books Mentioned on the Podcast:

Come Again, by Robert Webb

The Innocent, by Ian McEwan

Feel Free, by Zadie Smith

Sweet Sorry, by David Nicholls

One Day, by David Nicholls

Under the Volcano, by Malcolm Lowry

A Star is Bored, by Byron Lane

Wishful Drinking, by Carrie Fisher

The Golden Rule, by Amanda Craig (UK, 2nd July, literary fiction)

Hearts and Minds, by Amanda Craig

How Do We Know We’re Doing It Right? by Pandora Sykes (UK, 9th July, essays)

The Hungover Games, by Sophie Heawood

My Best Friend's Girl, by Dorothy Koomson

All My Lies Are True by Dorothy Koomson

In Case You Missed It by Lindsey Kelk

Note to Boy, by Sue Clarke

Older and Wider, by Jenny Eclair (UK, 2nd July, non-fiction)

Unscripted, by Claire Handscombe


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